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The influence of cycling on the fundamental movement skills and perceived competence of children with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder


The principle investigators are Denise Callinan and Aidan Byrne who can be contacted at denise.callinan3@mail.dcu.ie and aidan.byrne227@mail.dcu.ie .

This research is carried out under the guidance of Ms. Jennifer Kavanagh who may be contacted at jennifer.kavanagh32@mail.dcu.ie .

Research is monitored under the supervision of Dr. Johann Issartel who may be contacted at johann.issartel@dcu.ie

University and School: DCU, School of Health and Human Performance

Involvement in the Research Study

  • The research study will be carried out by Dublin City University in collaboration with Y-Volution Sport and The Irish Research Council.
  • The research will be non-invasive and the researchers will aim to ensure it is enjoyable for all children involved.
  • You will be required to talk to your child about being part of the research study and explain to them what it will involve.    
  • Your child will be required to attend a “try a bike” sessions. The sessions are designed to assess your child’s ability to cycle a bike. This activity will involve your child actively participating in free play and cycling involving plenty of breaks and encouragement, alongside other children with DCD. The researcher will be interacting with the children, asking them questions about their perceived competence and testing their fundamental movement skills using the movement assessment battery for children (MABC). Your child will be required to carry out actions such as throwing and catching while being observed.  Your child will be required to wear a helmet while on the bike. Your child can still take part even if they can already cycle independently.
  • If your child does not have the confidence at any point to do any or all of the tests they will not have to.
  • Your child can stop being part of this study at any time if they or their parent/guardian request.  Just inform the teacher or one of the researchers from DCU and they will not have to take part.
  • All of the information obtained for the study will be completely confidential - no one will get to look at it except for Dr. Johann Issartel, Miss Jennifer Kavanagh, Aidan Byrne and Denise Callinan

Please fill in the attached form if you wish for your child to take part.

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